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What is HotDoc Reminders?

Reminders is a 100% automated system, allowing practices to easily send customised SMS’ to patients reminding them about upcoming appointments. Patients can instantly confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointments and all changes are transferred to your appointment book in real time.

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Easily customise your messages

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Reduce lost revenue by reopening spots as soon as patients cancel

Promote preventive health and chronic disease management services

Customisable to only be sent for specific appointment types

What our clinics say

  • "We’re very impressed with HotDoc’s capacity and passion for developing new solutions for medical practices to improve the services they provide to patients"

    Scott Beattie Group Executive Health Solutions, IPN
  • "Since using HotDoc Reminders our do not attend rates have dropped significantly. It used to be around 6 per day and it has now gone down to 1-2 per day"

    Kristen Mann Corowa Medical Centre

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We will never share your information