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Take full control of the booking experience.

Continuity of care and patient loyalty is a hallmark of HotDoc Online Bookings. Ensuring return patients are automatically taken to your practice listing, instead of a listing of local clinics, our online booking system gives your clinic full control of the patient booking experience.


Online Bookings


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The HotDoc Difference

  • Promote continuity of care by encouraging return patients to book in at your practice each and every time.

  • Build trust with patients by encouraging them to book directly through your clinic website.

  • Increase the number of high value appointments by interacting with patients at multiple stages of the patient journey.

  • Maintain full control of your practice brand by customising your booking preferences to suit your clinic's needs.

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Personalise your doctor profiles

Add detailed doctor bios so patients can find out more about your doctor’s specialities and book in with the GP that best suits their needs.

 Customise your appointment types

Customise your appointment types and lengths to ensure your doctors can properly prepare for consultations and keep to schedule.

Control everything from your practice manager dashboard

No need to call us when you want to make a change or check the performance of your bookings.

Promote preventative health services

Display relevant health promotions to patients when they are thinking about their health most. There are 20+ campaigns to choose from.

Monitor everything from one dashboard

Keep track of all your bookings using the HotDoc dashboard.

“We’ve used other providers for online bookings, but HotDoc has outperformed them by nearly tripling the bookings we receive through our website”

Taryn McClements

Practice Manager, Brecken Health Care

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What our clinics say

  • “Comprehensive support and complete package, not just 'here is your online booking link'. Very impressed and far in advance of our previous provider.”

    Sheree Smith Practice Manager, Nambucca Healthcare Centre
  • "We love how HotDoc focus on driving patients to our clinic website instead of AdWords. And we love seeing all the data for the campaigns we send"

    Tara Webster Practice Manager, CHC Medical
  • "We really love how HotDoc doesn’t charge us for every new patient that books with us - whereas the directories do"

    Helen Ganter Practice Manager, Sunstate Family Practice
  • "Simple to use and not complicated like some other online appointments"

    Dianne Batterham Practice Manager, Newcastle Family Practice

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