SMART Recalls

A SMART way to process patient recalls.

SMART Recalls is a secure mobile messaging service that enables you to process clinic recall appointments without having to send letters.

SMART Recalls works with Best Practice, Medical Director and Zedmed.

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Discover the benefits

  • Reduce Costs

    Save on postage and free up staff time

  • Send securely

    Meet RACGP accreditation and privacy requirements.

  • Easier compliance

    Accreditation is easier with SMART Recalls.

SMART Recalls

  • Save time and money by processing recalls automatically with our intelligent system
  • Meet accreditation requirements using our secure RACGP-compliant 3 point identity verification
  • Track every recall, with each step recorded in the patient file
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Use your time to help patients, not process recalls

SMART Recalls has helped clinics for over 2 years to free up time to see patients rather than repetitively process recalls.

Our solution balances automation with control over how you want to address every recall.

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