Save everyone’s time by allowing patients to request repeat scripts from their Doctor online, without an appointment.

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What is HotDoc Repeats?

Seamlessly accept requests for routine prescriptions and referrals, through your website, without the need for in-person consultations. Accept or decline requests with full clinical discretion, and process payments securely online. The easy to use tool saves patients time and hassle, frees up the doctors appointment book, and ensures doctors remain in full control.

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Take requests directly through your website

Instantly confirm or reject requests based on clinical discretion

Process transactions through our secure payment gateway

How does it work?

1. You decide how much to charge

You set the cost you would like patients to pay for using the service. This ensures doctors are compensated for their time to accept or reject patient requests.

2. Patient requests a repeat script online

Patients can request a script online through your website in one flow.

3. Doctor accepts or rejects the request

When your doctors have a moment free they can check which patients have requested which prescriptions or referrals and accept or reject them through the HotDoc dashboard.

4. Patient is notified by SMS

Patients will receive a notification letting them know whether their request has been accepted or rejected. They will also be informed when they can visit the clinic to pick up their prescription.

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