Online Bookings

Take control over the patient booking experience.

Continuity of care and patient loyalty is a hallmark of HotDoc’s service. While other online bookings providers use a directory model that pits local clinics against each other, HotDoc promotes your website as the front door to your practice.

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Discover the benefits

  • Book online 24/7

    Patient can book any time & any place.

  • All about you

    Don’t pay to compete for 
your own patients.

  • Customisable

    Personalised settings for every doctor at your clinic.

Online Bookings

  • Patients can book online 24x7 from your website or the HotDoc app
  • Practices can fully customise Online Bookings by appointment type and doctor preferences
  • Seamlessly integrates with your practice management software
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Discover the most customised appointments available

Online Bookings is designed to let you customise how patients book online just as much as they can on the phone.

Use per-practitioner and per-appointment-type settings to make sure the right patient books for the right time, with the right practitioner.

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