New Patient Registration Forms

Allow patients to pre-register for your practice by computer or mobile phone

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What is New Patient Registration?

New Patient Registration gives HotDoc clinics access to an online version of their new patient registration form so patients can register their details prior to their first appointment.

Patients can complete HotDoc’s new patient registration form on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, anywhere at any time so long as they have internet access. The patient’s details are then automatically added to your PMS.

Struggling to read patient handwriting?


Sometimes it’s hard enough reading your own handwriting let alone the handwriting of a patient who is feeling ill and in a rush. One moment you’re hunched over trying to work out whether a v is an r and the next you’ve roped in three colleagues to get a second, third, even fourth opinion.

Not only is this a big waste of everyone’s time but incorrect data can lead to pathology errors, Medicare rejections, and in the worst case, not being able to contact a patient who has abnormal results.

Remove the mess with digital New Patient Registration forms.

How does it work?

  • A link to the new patient registration form is displayed to patients immediately after they have made a booking. A reminder with the link is also sent to patients on the day of their appointment if they are yet to complete the form.

  • Patients can complete the form on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, anywhere at any time so long as they have internet access.

  • Once a patient completes the form, our software will search for existing patients in the database and display if there are any potential matches before adding the patient’s submission to a new or existing patient file.

The Benefits

Save staff time

Save time handing out forms, manually transcribing hard-to-read handwriting and waiting for late arrivals to complete paper forms.

Better patient experience

Reduce the chances of patients becoming flustered when they don’t allow enough time to fill out the form before their appointment.


Improve data quality

Reduce human errors, which can often occur when staff are forced to manually enter hard-to-read handwritten information.

The Patient Experience

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