A marketing tool for medical practices

Build loyalty and grow your business through educational patient awareness campaigns.

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Discover the benefits

  • Keep patients informed

    Make sure your patients are kept up to date with the services offered by your practice.

  • Targeted & relevant messages

    Send promotional campaigns that are relevant to the patients who receive them.

  • Improve your business

    Improve your bottom line with stronger use of Chronic Care Plans and Health Assessments.


  • Show patients targeted and relevant promotional messages
  • Boost uptake of Health Assessments & Care Plans
  • Improve your business through better patient knowledge of your services
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Inform is a marketing tool especially built for practices

Want to let your patients know about the free Zoster Vaccine? Looking to boost uptake of Health Assessments and Chronic Care Plans?

HotDoc Inform is a practice-centric marketing tool, which lets you promote your services when patients recieve an appointment reminder and health is foremost in their mind.

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