Prompt patients to take a proactive interest in preventive health and chronic disease management

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What is Inform?

Inform is a 3-in-1 patient engagement tool, helping you encourage more patients to take a proactive interest in preventive health and chronic disease management services.

The tool allows clinics to display targeted health campaigns to patients at the time they make an appointment, confirm a booking reminder or check-in via the HotDoc kiosk or mobile app.

Case Study: Bulli Medical Practice

In one month using Inform Bulli Medical Practice experienced a 50% increase in issued Care Plans compared to the same period last year.


Additional Care Plans issued


Increase in Care Plans issued


Additional monthly revenue

In one month using HotDoc Inform we received 39 additional Care Plan bookings

Brooke McLean
Practice Manager at Bulli Medical Practice, Bunbury, WA

How it works


Choose from over 20+ campaigns

Health Assessment

75+ years old

Care plans

40+ years old

Diabetes Risk Check

40 – 49 years old

Flu Clinic

Under 75 years old

Bowl Cancer

50 – 74 years old

Skin Check

Pap Smear Programs

Females 18 – 74 years old

Travel Vaccinations

18 – 60 years old

Mens health check

Male 50+ years old

Repeat Prescritions

Shingles Vaccine

70 – 79 years old

Fall Prevention

65+ years old


Select the type of message you want patients to see

SMS Broadcast

Activation Questionnaire



Decide which stage of the patient journey you want to target

Stage 1:

Prompt patients to attend time sensitive services, like flu clinics, using SMS Broadcast

Stage2: Booking

Show an Activation Questionnaire or Promotion when a patient makes an appointment

Stage 3: Reminder

Display an Activation Questionnaire or Promotion when a patient confirms a booking reminder

Stage 4: Check-In

Advertise a Promotion after a patient checks in on a HotDoc Kiosk

Key Features

Target individual patients based on age, gender etc.

Choose from 20+ automated health campaigns, or build your own.

Provide patients with ongoing education on additional clinical services.

What our clinics say

  • "We had four bookings from our Inform campaign in the first 20mins. In 24 hours we had 30 extra bookings"

    Dr Sachin Choudhary Practice Principal at CityDoc Medical
  • "We’re very impressed with HotDoc’s capacity and passion for developing new solutions for medical practices to improve the services they provide to patients"

    Scott Beattie Group Executive Health Solutions, IPN
  • "Since using HotDoc Inform we've issued 12 new care plans"

    Kristen Mann Corowa Medical Centre

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