Educate your patients on preventative health and wellness services


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Prompt patients to take a proactive interest in preventative health & chronic disease management.

HotDoc Inform is a 3-in-1 patient engagement tool, which allows clinics to send targeted health campaigns to patients at the time they make an appointment, confirm a booking reminder, or check-in via the HotDoc kiosk or mobile app. Each campaign is set to target only those patients who are most relevant to the health service, and patients can choose to opt out anytime.

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  • 20+ tested health campaigns to choose from

  • Target individuals based on their demographic, such as age or gender, to ensure patients only see campaigns relevant to them

  • Decide at which stage of the patient journey you want patients to see the campaign (ie. when a patient books an appointment, confirms a booking reminder or checks in via a HotDoc kiosk or mobile app)

Discover the Benefits

Increase patient uptake of high value health services
Better educate patients on preventative health services

Meet RACGP’s proactive outreach health standards

“In one month using Inform we received 39 additional care plan bookings.

This was a 50% increase!”

Brooke Mclean

Practice Manager, Bulli Medical Practice

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How does it work?

1. Select a Campaign

There are 20+ campaigns to choose from, including care plans, health assessments, skin checks and cervical screening tests. Each campaign is preset to target only the most relevant patients based on age, gender etc.

2. Choose a Promotion Type

Select the type of message you want patients to see. There are three to choose from: (i) SMS Broadcast, (ii) Activation Questionnaire or (iii) Promotion.


3. Decide When You Want the Promotion to Appear

There are four stages in the patient journey to choose from: prior to making a booking, at the time of booking, when a patient confirms an appointment reminder, or when a patient checks in via a HotDoc kiosk or the mobile app.

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What are the promotion types?

(i) SMS Broadcast

SMS Broadcast allows you to customise and send SMS’ to patients to keep them updated on changes to your clinic. For instance, letting them know about time sensitive services, such as flu clinics, or changes to services, such as pap smears being replaced by cervical tests.

You can also use Broadcast for more casual notifications, such as information on changes to your hours of operation.

(ii) Activation Questionnaire

Activation Questionnaires are short questionnaires that show up when a patient books an appointment or confirms a booking reminder. The questionnaires allow patients to easily identify themselves, and register their interest, for services such as care plans and medication reviews.

Those patients who are interested in finding out more about a specific service are then sent to your clinic as a list of ‘activated patients’. From here your team can call the relevant patients and book them in for an appointment to discuss options.

(iii) Promotion

Promotions are soft-touch display ads, which you can set to appear when a patient books an appointment, confirms an appointment reminder or checks in via a HotDoc Kiosk or mobile app.

These promotions are designed to better educate patients on the additional services offered by your clinic, while encouraging patients to book in to discuss these services.

“We had four bookings from our Inform Broadcast campaign in the first 20mins.

In 24 hours we had 30 extra bookings”

Dr Sachin Choudhary

Practice Principal, CityDoc Medical

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