Simple, straightforward pricing for all practices


All Clinics

Per practitioner per month
Subscription includes all SMS for Reminders and Recalls
Minimum $150 per month | Excludes GST

Included Services

Installation and integration with existing software
Comprehensive training for all your staff
Access to Customer Success Services
Access to our highly skilled Support Team

Optional Add-ons

22" Touchscreen Kiosk for patient check-in:
$200 per month (12 month commitment)

Broadcast - Mass patient messaging:
$0.12 per SMS

Repeats - Online prescription requests:
10% transaction fee per repeat

Add Allied Health

Per practitioner per month
Excludes GST


Why did you change your pricing plans?

After a lot of consultation with clinics, we wanted to offer a pricing plan to suit all clinics whether big or small. Giving all clinics access to the entire HotDoc platform means you no longer have to pay/upgrade your membership before you can access the latest HotDoc services and it enables us to release new features faster.

Why are you now providing SMS for free?

We have always believed that improved patient engagement leads to better health outcomes. The ability to communicate with patients has always had a barrier of SMS costs. We were the first to introduce free in-app push notifications for iPhone and Android app users but have always been working on a long term plan to make SMS free for appointment reminders and recalls for all clinics.

Do you have different prices for FTE/PTE doctors?

We used the data from 12,000 GPs on HotDoc to base our new pricing plans from. The FTE price per GP is costed at $119 per month per practitioner. Understanding that not all doctors work as FTE, we took the approach to incorporate the difference between billable hours across all our doctors and set a reduced rate of $75 per month per practitioner to account for the differences and make it less complicated for all HotDoc customers.

I’m a HotDoc customer on a different price plan, do I have to change?

We’ve actively contacted customers we identified that could see both a cost and product benefit by moving to this new pricing plan and advised them of these benefits. If your current pricing plan works out better for your clinic, you’re not obligated to change plans at all. If you’d like to change over to this new plan to take advantage of the included SMS and also gain access to the entire platform, please contact your customer success manager.

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