We’re in the process of rolling out a new pricing plan for all new clinics as well as those HotDoc clinics who will benefit from the change. The new pricing plan will not affect those clinics who are happy with their current HotDoc subscription and would like to keep things as they are.

The new plan is designed to simplify subscriptions going forward by giving clinics full access to the entire HotDoc platform and includes all SMS costs for Reminders and Recalls.

As you can imagine, with over 15,000 GPs using HotDoc today, it’s been a task in itself to get everyone up to scratch on this new plan. Over the past few weeks, we’ve proactively reached out to all HotDoc clinics who would save money moving to this new pricing plan and encouraged them to move over.

Still, being such a big change, we’ve been fielding a load of questions around why we’ve made such a decision. To make things crystal clear, we thought we’d write a post explaining things. There are two main reasons for the change.


Once upon a time, HotDoc was a start-up who offered only Online Bookings. At the time, it made sense for us to charge for this product alone. Then, over time, as we looked to provide our customers with more value, we built more products. First Recalls, then Reminders, Repeats, Inform, Check-In, New Patient Registration, Place in Queue, and most recently, Results.

To give you an idea of our company’s history, take a peek at the timeline below.

Above: HotDoc’s company timeline from establishment in 2012 to 2019

As the HotDoc suite expanded, product by product, we added a small additional cost for each new item. Over time, we bundled some products together to simplify things, but then we built more products. And, to be frank, it became damn confusing.

Adding to this, the separate SMS costs for Recalls and Reminders only sought to make things more muddled. Clinics were being charged different amounts month to month depending on how many Recalls and Reminders they were sending. This made it difficult for clinics to budget. Not to mention, our CFO was pulling his hair out trying to manage thousands of customised accounts.

Ultimately, the new pricing structure was put in place to remove all of this mess. As HotDoc’s founder and CEO, Dr. Ben Hurst, shares, “The new pricing makes everything much easier. You pay the same fee every month and you get full access to all of our services. This means we can better uphold our promise… to help practices deliver the best possible patient experience”.

Give customers access to the full HotDoc platform

Another big reason we wanted to simplify our pricing was so that we could give all of our customers full access to our products without having to pay for upgrades. For some customers, this has meant learning about products they didn’t even know we had. Products like Inform. For others, it has meant finally getting access to products they had always wanted to use, but couldn’t afford. Products like Check-In and New Patient Registration.

For us, this is really important because we’ve always believed that improved patient engagement leads to better health outcomes, which is a core value of ours. We believe that if our clinics have access to all of our products, they can engage their patients at the highest possible level.

This is the same reason why we are including the cost of Recall and Reminder SMS’ in the new pricing structure. Because, again, we believe this was a barrier getting in the way of clinics communicating with their patients as much as they wanted to. A barrier we wanted to remove.

Our theory is that when clinics communicate with their patients more, patient engagement is improved. And when patient engagement is improved, it’s not only a win for the clinic and the patient, but it’s also a win for us because when a clinic gets the results they want then naturally we assume they’ll keep us around.

This is the same reason why we were the first to introduce free in-app push notifications for iPhone and Android app users. We strongly believe in the long game. Our thinking is that if we can provide a no barrier way for clinics to communicate with their patients then we will not only help a clinic’s relationship with their patients but a clinic’s relationship with us as well.

Have questions?

If you’re a HotDoc clinic and have questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager. If you’re not a customer, we encourage you to call 1300 468 362 or email sales@hotdoc.com.au.