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  1. How Google My Business Works for Medical Centres, And Why Having a Listing is Crucial

    What is Google My Business?   Google My Business is a free business directory. It allows your clinic to be found more easily online by connecting a number of Google’s services…

  2. The 2019 ‘Flu Clinic Kit’ for HotDoc Practices

    With flu season fast approaching, we’ve taken the time to put together a Flu Clinic Kit for HotDoc practices. The aim of the kit is to make it as easy…

  3. 9 Ways to Encourage Patients to Download the HotDoc App

    Why encourage patients to download HotDoc? There are several advantages to having your patients utilising the HotDoc app. The app not only allows patients to book in with their favourite…

  4. My Health Record: The Pros and Cons, And FREE Resources For Medical Centres Guiding Patients With Concerns

    The opt out period for My Health Record has now been extended to January 31, 2019.  The decision to extend the deadline has drawn even greater backlash from those on…

  5. Infographic: SMS is Patients Preferred Method of Contact

    SMS continues to gain popularity among patients as the preferred method of contact when receiving communication from practices. At almost four times the popularity of all other forms of communication…

  6. Infographic: The 4 Levels of Patient Activation

    Patient activation is the process through which practitioners engage and motivate a patient to play an active role in their own health. It describes the knowledge, skills and confidence a…

  7. Infographic: Patient Survey on Waiting Rooms

    This month we surveyed 1,124 Australian patients to get their thoughts on general practice waiting rooms. Here are the results.    

  8. How to Write a General Practice Privacy Policy (Template Included)

    This video will run you through how to develop a privacy policy (and collection statement) for your practice. The policy is designed to cover all health and allied health practices….

  9. Where to Place Your HotDoc Check-In Kiosk

    Just received your brand new HotDoc Kiosk? Here are some simple tips on where to place your kiosk so you get the most out of the system.

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