The Challenge:

Bulli Medical Practice was looking to increase the number of patients using care plans, so they could provide better, more structured, health care to patients suffering from chronic conditions.

The Solution:

Bulli Medical Practice used HotDoc Inform to send a short optional questionnaire to patients over 30 years old at the time they received their SMS appointment reminder. These questionnaires helped pre-qualify patients for care plans by asking them, ‘Do you have one or more medical conditions that have lasted more than 6 months (eg asthma, diabetes, heart condition, kidney disease?)’

The automated questionnaire then asked those patients who marked ‘yes’ if they were interested in having a nurse contact them so they could learn more about how a care plan could potentially help them. Those patients who responded ‘yes’ were then sent to Bulli as a list of activated patients. Bulli’s nurses then double checked the patients were eligible before phoning them to book them in for an appointment.

The Results:

In March 2017,  after going live with HotDoc Inform, Bulli Medical Practice issued 116 care plans. This was a 50% increase in the number of care plans compared to March 2016 when 77 care plans were issued.