The Challenge:

Brecken Health Care were looking to increase the number of bookings they were receiving at their clinics. They were using other providers for online appointments at the time, but weren’t seeing as many bookings as they had hoped.

The Solution:

Brecken Health Care set up HotDoc Online Bookings to allow their patients to book through the HotDoc app as well as their clinic’s websites.

The Results:

In a matter of weeks, Brecken Health Care was receiving almost three times the number bookings through their website. They also saw a rise in positive feedback from patients who valued the convenience of the software. Today Brecken Health Care receives over 1,000 bookings a month through  HotDoc’s Online Bookings.

We’ve used other providers for online appointments, but HotDoc has outperformed them by nearly tripling the amount of bookings we receive through our website. It’s a great additional service we can offer to our patients and they love the convenience of it


Taryn McClements

Practice Manager, Brecken Health Care