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  1. What Patients Say About How Doctors Communicate

    21 June 2017 by Michael McKay

    We all know how important it is for doctors to communicate well with patients. When doctors are too light on information, patients feel left in the dark. Yet, when they…

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  2. 5 Ways to Keep Practice Appointments to Schedule

    19 June 2017 by HotDoc team

    Waiting for a doctor is the number one frustration experienced by patients. We know this. If you’re a receptionist, you know how much of your day you spend reassuring patients…

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  3. How to Build a Highly Effective Chronic Disease Strategy for Your Practice

    08 June 2017 by Donna vonBlanckensee

    Chronic disease management has become an increasingly large component of general practice. Caring for people with chronic diseases is a major requirement of the health system with an estimated $60 billion…

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  4. 7 Ways to Get Patients to Actually Read Your Poster Board

    05 June 2017 by HotDoc team

    Have you ever had patients ask questions that they could easily have answered themselves, if only they read the poster board?  Or, have you ever spent the better part of an hour…

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  5. 5 Ways Practice Managers Can Influence Doctor Behaviour

    01 June 2017 by HotDoc team

    In the perfect practice, GPs and admin staff have open lines of communication. When the admin team ask something of the doctors, they get to it without a fuss. And, when the doctors…

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  6. 7 Tips for Running a More Uplifting Practice Meeting

    29 May 2017 by HotDoc team

    There’s a lot to be said for a well-run practice meeting. It can energise the staff, communicate important information, and inspire collaboration. But how do you have that type of meeting, rather…

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  7. Webinar: Federal Budget 2017: A Guide for General Practice Earn CPD

    26 May 2017 by HotDoc team

    This training session on the Federal Budget 2017 provides the practice team, including GPs, Nurses and Practice Managers, with guidance on how to get the most out of the Australian…

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  8. 4 Ways to Notify Patients of After Hours Support

    17 May 2017 by HotDoc team

    There are few things more frustrating than going to a place of business and discovering they’re closed when you were expecting them to be open. Yet, as frustrating as that…

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  9. The 5 Best Ways to Get Patient Feedback

    15 May 2017 by HotDoc team

    Although formal patient feedback is required every 3 years, obtaining feedback more frequently can be to the benefit of your practice. Not only will it allow you to determine what…

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  10. 7 Ways Practices Can Better Use On Hold Messages

    08 May 2017 by HotDoc team

    Placing patients on hold is a necessary ‘evil’ for any busy practice. However, we’d challenge the idea that it has to be a negative thing. The truth is, not only…

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  11. Free CPD Training Module: Diabetes Management Update for General Practice Earn CPD

    01 May 2017 by HotDoc team

    This training session on Diabetes Management provides an update and refresher for the practice team, including GPs, Nurses and Practice Managers, to ensure your clinic is providing the right support…

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  12. 7 Ways to Delight Patients in the Waiting Room

    01 May 2017 by HotDoc team

    A patient who spends time in a comfortable waiting room is more likely to develop a favorable impression of a practice, as well as have positive expectations about the medical…

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  13. Claim Your $400 Tax Deduction Before June 30, 2017

    20 April 2017 by HotDoc team

    Earlier this month the Australian Government passed a tax bill shifting the definition of small businesses from those receiving an annual turnover of up to $2 million to $10 million….

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  14. 5 Tips to Better Manage a Flu Clinic

    07 April 2017 by HotDoc team

    To ensure your flu clinic runs as smoothly as possible, we’ve put together our top tips to help you better prepare and manage your patients and staff in the lead…

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  15. 5 top tips to improve the Google ranking of your medical centre

    04 April 2017 by HotDoc team

    Making sure your website ranks well on Google is a vital part of every medical practice’s online marking efforts. Find out how you can improve yours today.

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  16. Free CPD Training Module: Running Flu Clinics – 2017 Update Earn CPD

    30 March 2017 by HotDoc team

    Flu vaccination season is often one of the busiest times for General Practice, with added work pressures and a noticeable increase in patient demand. This training module provides an update…

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  17. 5 Ways to Boost Your Flu Clinic Numbers

    24 March 2017 by HotDoc team

    With flu season fast approaching we thought we’d put together a list of clever ways clinics can encourage more patients to book in for a flu shot. 1. Use Posters…

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