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  1. How to Say ‘No!’ to Drug Seekers: A Conversation with Dr Nick Carr

    22 August 2017 by Michael McKay

    For 25 years, Dr Nick Carr from St Kilda Medical Group has been teaching GPs how not to write prescriptions for drug seekers. He runs a workshop for all GP…

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  2. Dr Sally Lapin: Lessons on Grief, Resilience and Common Ground from Mongolia, PNG and Ethiopia

    16 August 2017 by Michael McKay

    Dr Sally Lapin (pictured above) is principle of Armadale Family Practice in Melbourne. She has garnered extensive experience overseas, as a researcher and locum medical officer, in countries like Ethiopia,…

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  3. Infographic: Patient Survey on Waiting Rooms

    08 August 2017 by HotDoc team

      Did You Know? HotDoc now has a ‘know your place in queue’ option available on its kiosk and mobile app. Get a kiosk before August 30th and Get Your First Month FREE!

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  4. What Patients Say About Waiting Rooms

    08 August 2017 by Michael McKay

    This week I jumped on the phone with a handful of Australian patients to find out what they thought about typical general practice waiting rooms. We dived into what they liked…

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  5. HotDoc Helps Boost Participation in Cancer Screening Programs

    07 August 2017 by HotDoc team

    According to Cancer Council it is estimated that 134,174 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year. At this rate it is expected 1 in 2 Australians…

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  6. The Value of Continuity of Care, Today and Tomorrow

    02 August 2017 by Martin Feckie

    Uber’s Customer Satisfaction Model In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion in social media. News is no longer consumed via newspapers and other traditional means. Almost everyone carries a mobile…

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  7. Webinar: Improving Patient Uptake of Chronic Disease Plans in General Practice Earn CPD

    01 August 2017 by HotDoc team

    This training session will provide the practice team, including GPs, Nurses and Practice Managers, with guidance on how to best work with patients to improve the uptake and performance of…

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  8. 5 Ways to Easily Automate Tasks at Your Medical Clinic

    31 July 2017 by Nicky Jardine

    Technology has the potential to make everything easier, particularly when it comes to small clinics and medical centres. Specifically, task automation can save clinics time and money, freeing up clinicians…

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  9. 7 Ways to Civilise Your Practice Staff Room

    28 July 2017 by HotDoc team

    Is your staff room in need of a refresh? If so, you need to read on. We’ve got some ideas that will take your practice staff room from meh to…

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  10. HotDoc vs Directory Corrective Statement

    26 July 2017 by HotDoc team

    HotDoc recently published a video series that was hosted on its website and distributed to its newsletter database entitled “HotDoc vs Directory: The Face Off”. That video series contained comparisons…

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  11. 9 Ways Practices Can Improve Communication With People of Other Languages

    24 July 2017 by HotDoc team

    With the increasing number of migrants coming to Australia, there is a greater need for medical practices to cater to those patients who aren’t native English speakers. Yet, how can…

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  12. 9 Questions a Practice Should Ask Before Choosing an IT Provider

    17 July 2017 by HotDoc team

    If you don’t consider yourself particularly tech-savvy, choosing an IT provider can be an overwhelming experience. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Read on to learn which questions you should…

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  13. Where to Place Your HotDoc Check-In Kiosk

    14 July 2017 by HotDoc team

    Just received your brand new HotDoc Kiosk? Here are some simple tips on where to place your kiosk so you get the most out of the system.

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  14. How Much Do Patients Prefer Ordering Repeat Prescriptions Online?

    11 July 2017 by HotDoc team

    This month we surveyed 130 patients to find out how they prefer to order repeat routine prescriptions. We wanted to find out just how much Australians prefer ordering prescriptions online…

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  15. The 5 Keys to Starting a Successful General Practice

    05 July 2017 by Nicky Jardine

    Over the years I’ve helped scores of doctors design and launch their general practices, including one practice that was a finalist in the national RACGP Practice of the Year Awards…

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  16. How to Write a General Practice Privacy Policy (Template Included)

    03 July 2017 by June Hannan

    This video will run you through how to develop a privacy policy (and collection statement) for your practice. The policy is designed to cover all health and allied health practices….

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  17. Webinar: Privacy and Confidentiality for General Practice Earn CPD

    03 July 2017 by Magali De Castro

    This training session on Privacy and Confidentiality provides the practice team, including GPs, Nurses and Practice Managers with guidance on best practice regarding patient privacy and confidentiality. Training Session = 1 CPD…

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  18. What Patients Say About How Practice Reception Staff Communicate

    28 June 2017 by Michael McKay

    This week I reached out to a handful of Australians to get their thoughts on how the front office staff at general practices impacted their patient experience. The respondents ranged…

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