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  1. Technology’s Role in Skin Cancer Prevention: A Conversation with Dr Chris Miller

    17 October 2017 by Michael McKay

    Dr Chris Miller runs Spot Check Clinic in Melbourne, a roaming skin cancer clinic quickly building a reputation for its adoption of the latest patient technology, Dr Miller explains he…

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  2. 10 Ways to Retain Practice Staff By Making Them Feel Valued

    12 October 2017 by June Hannan

    Staff retention is a big challenge for medical practices today. With clinics increasing in size and efficiency, and technology playing a greater role in the general day to day running…

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  3. Marriage Equality and Health Outcomes: A Twin’s Perspective

    09 October 2017 by Charles Beaton

    I have worked as HotDoc’s Finance Manager for just over two years. I’m proud to work for a company genuinely devoted to making patient’s lives better. I’m also proud to…

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  4. Infographic: SMS is Patients Preferred Method of Contact

    28 September 2017 by HotDoc team

    SMS continues to gain popularity among patients as the preferred method of contact when receiving communication from practices. At almost four times the popularity of all other forms of communication…

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  5. How to Create a Clinic Culture Where Patients Play a Proactive Role in their Health

    19 September 2017 by Donna vonBlanckensee

    “Our patients don’t come back for routine reviews — they’re not interested in chronic disease management” is a comment all too frequently made by practice managers and nurses across Australia….

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  6. Q&A Session on General Practice Earn CPD

    14 September 2017 by HotDoc team

    This month, Magali De Castro, HotDoc’s Clinical Nurse Educator, answers all your general practice questions in an exclusive Q&A Session. Session = 1 CPD hour Fill in your details to get Free Access to…

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  7. 5 Reasons Your Clinic Should Ditch the Paper and Take Your Practice Manuals Online

    04 September 2017 by Nicky Jardine

    With accreditation fast approaching it is imperative to have good systems in place for your practice. This means having all of your documentation in one area. This not only creates…

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  8. Webinar: Infection Control in General Practice Earn CPD

    01 September 2017 by HotDoc team

    This training session will provide the practice team, including GPs, Nurses and Practice Managers, with guidance on best practice regarding infection control. Training Session = 1 CPD hour Presented by Magali De…

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  9. When the Recipe is the Remedy: A Conversation With Dr Mukesh Haikerwal

    31 August 2017 by Michael McKay

    Our feature stories showcase HotDoc users doing extraordinary things in preventative health and chronic disease management. Dr Mukesh Haikerwal has been in general practice for over 30 years. He currently…

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  10. Infographic: The 4 Levels of Patient Activation

    25 August 2017 by HotDoc team

    Patient activation is the process through which practitioners engage and motivate a patient to play an active role in their own health. It describes the knowledge, skills and confidence a…

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  11. What is Patient Activation? And, Why is it Important for Practices?

    25 August 2017 by HotDoc team

    What is patient activation? Patient activation is a term we are hearing a lot about recently. And, whilst it is not a new concept, it is certainly one that is…

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  12. How to Say ‘No!’ to Drug Seekers: A Conversation with Dr Nick Carr

    22 August 2017 by Michael McKay

    Our feature stories showcase HotDoc users doing extraordinary things in preventative health and chronic disease management. For 25 years, Dr Nick Carr from St Kilda Medical Group has been teaching…

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  13. Dr Sally Lapin: Lessons on Grief, Resilience and Common Ground from Mongolia, PNG and Ethiopia

    16 August 2017 by Michael McKay

    Our feature stories showcase HotDoc users doing extraordinary things in preventative health and chronic disease management. Dr Sally Lapin (pictured above) is principle of Armadale Family Practice in Melbourne. She…

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  14. Infographic: Patient Survey on Waiting Rooms

    08 August 2017 by HotDoc team

      Did You Know? HotDoc now has a ‘know your place in queue’ option available on its kiosk and mobile app. Get a kiosk before August 30th and Get Your First Month FREE!

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  15. What Patients Say About Waiting Rooms

    08 August 2017 by Michael McKay

    This week I jumped on the phone with a handful of Australian patients to find out what they thought about typical general practice waiting rooms. We dived into what they liked…

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  16. HotDoc Helps Boost Participation in Cancer Screening Programs

    07 August 2017 by HotDoc team

    According to Cancer Council it is estimated that 134,174 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year. At this rate it is expected 1 in 2 Australians…

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  17. The Value of Continuity of Care, Today and Tomorrow

    02 August 2017 by Martin Feckie

    Uber’s Customer Satisfaction Model In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion in social media. News is no longer consumed via newspapers and other traditional means. Almost everyone carries a mobile…

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