About HotDoc

HotDoc was founded in 2012 by Dr Ben Hurst, who saw the opportunity to streamline how GPs and patients communicate health information. Since that time, HotDoc has become Australia’s leading patient engagement platform, which is trusted by over 11,000 GPs.

We help practices improve the depth of their relationships with patients and improve practice efficiency. Our core is in helping practices through tools like online appointments and SMART Recalls, but we’re always building new products and services.



We want to become the technology used by patients and healthcare providers to coordinate care and empower patients to manage their health.

We’re honoured to be trusted by GPs across Australia, ranging from Australia’s biggest practice groups (like Sonic Healthcare, Primary Health Care or Fullerton Health Australia) to single-GP practices.

The HotDoc Promise

Our team works hard to help our customers improve patient engagement and deliver better health outcomes. Living our values helps us make sure that our products and services promote quality healthcare for both clinics and patients.

  • We will never endorse non evidence-based health services on our platform
  • We will never knowingly undermine continuity of care
  • We will foster a company-wide ethos that prevention is better than cure
  • We will transparently reveal the results of any clinical initiative we undertake irrespective of whether they support or hinder our business goals
  • We will respect the privacy of patient details and maintain strict confidentiality of any patient information that we handle
  • We will closely scrutinise every decision we make to ensure they reflect each of our values

If your practice is looking to build patient relationships and improve your efficiency, you should ask any potential provider if they can make the same promises.

If you have any questions about our values and how HotDoc can help your practice, contact us on 1300 468 362 or email us at hello@hotdoc.com.au.